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Connect 11 of 12 points. Then you will see the shortest path in red. Your line will be shown in blue color.To connect the points, you have to click the points in the right order.
It is also allowed, to connect 5 and 6 points. To connect 5 and 6 points, you have to click point 1, point 2, point 3, point 4, point 5 and then point 1 again. Then you can click the next six points in the right order.
The computer will calculate the pixel from the red line and from the blue line. The computer will always find the shortest path. It is not possible, to find a shorter path. If you find also the shortest path, then you will get 12 points.
If you want to be on the WORLD BEST PLAYERS list, then you have to start a ranked play. Click the button LOGIN WITH FACEBOOK. You can also play the game without a facebook user. In this case you should not click the button LOGIN WITH FACEBOOK.
If you already clicked the button but you want to stop the ranked play, then you have to delete your browser cookies and to start the game again.
The players listed under "BEST OF THE MONTH" will each receive 100 Dollar. The friend who invited you will then also get 50 Dollar. The rating will be made on the last day of the month. In case of equality the last game played will be ranked higher.
A requirement for obtaining the 100 Dollar is, that you have invited successfully 3 friends. Anyone who is playing his first RANKED PLAY after clicking your 11of12 RESULT POSTING, will count as successfully invited.
Please read the HELP-Section in the game. There you will also find a Let's Play Video.
If you have questions about these terms, or if you want to order your payment, or if you have any other question regarding this game, please feel free to contact the webmaster.